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If you want something done right, do it yourself.

Those are the words driving what I'm doing today at work... but I wont be at the office. There's a client site in north Atlanta that I'm heading to this morning, where they've had a problem recurring over the last several months (since before the buyout) that hasn't been resolved even though I've suggested the same (correct) fix 2-3 times. The general thinking between my boss and I is that it's a combination of something lost in translation between my suggestions and what the consultants are doing, and a disorganized customer that tends to panic, rolling back everything (to the point of removing fixes that they should keep) if something doesn't go exactly right. I'm heading out there today to get things right hopefully once and for all.

At least I'm not actually traveling this time around. For those that don't know, I generally don't like doing any work-related traveling. Maybe a bit of it is actually going somewhere potentially interesting, only to be stuck in an office most of the time. For the most part, though, I think it's that management as I've known it for the last several years (which at my level has gone relatively unchanged since we moved down here, as NCR is keeping us basically intact) has tended mainly to send me to customer sites that are north of here and always in the middle of winter. The cold itself isn't nearly as bad as the trip home being complicated by weather nearly every single time.

Why can't they send me to So Cal for once?
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