Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Cheery Wine Goodness
One of the things I've been missing about NC I'm missing not so much anymore... Cheerwine. It's sold in parts of Georgia, but for some reason the Atlanta area is completely void of it. No matter... while in SC last weekend for a friend's birthday party, I picked some up for myself and jennstar (enjoy!). Now there's the trick of making those 2 12-packs last, but considering I'll likely be in NC in about a month (and 2-3 holidays closely following that) there should be no problem keeping in stock.

Stay Alive
This movie was one of the Netflix rentals this week, which I would have seen in the theatre if not for the move to GA getting in the way. I don't know what others think about it, but I thought it was pretty OK. Basically, if you take out the ghost of a real person, a couple elements of the Nightmare on Elm Street movies (namely the blurring of the dreams/reality line), and replace a game with a website, you have FearDotCom, which is part of my collection. That would probably explain my liking it.

Movin' on up...
One thing I've been wanting to get for a while has been a PVR, but the only seamless options have been the crappy ones leased by Time Warner and now Comcast. Well, that's not the case anymore... the TiVo Series3 is finally available, and I intend to get one early next year (hopefully the price will drop a bit by then). What's nice is that, at least on the Comcast end of things, the monthly cost should only be $0.90 more... that's moving from a rented cable box to 2 CableCARDs. Sure, I wont be able to access On Demand anymore (haven't really done much PPV in the last couple years, so that's no big loss), but being able to record shows/movies for later more than replaces most of my use of that.

Of course, I'd want to connect it to the home network, which makes things a little more interesting there...

Network geekiness
At the moment, the network around the TV area is pretty simple. There's an access point (running in client mode), a hub, and a PlayStation 2. The wireless network usually has an IPSec firewall on it, to not only strengthen the security of whatever goes over the air, but also pretty well prevents any successful bandwidth theft. Since the PS2 doesn't do IPSec, though, I have a pair of scripts on the router to temporarily poke a hole in the firewall to let it talk to others. That wont work with the TiVo, of course, since it needs to be online 24/7.

For that reason, I'm getting another one of these to be the other end of an IPSec tunnel going between the TV area network "island" and the rest of the home network. That way, I can leave it connected 24/7 and not worry about security... I wont even have to run those scripts to gate the PS2's net access anymore. Setup should be pretty simple as well, since the basics I can take from the WRAP board acting as my router, and just rearrange things a bit for the new one. If the vendor I ordered from ships it in any manner resembling timely, I should get it later in the week, which should make for an interesting project next weekend :-)
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