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I admit it... I caved...

Yeah, the plan was to get a TiVo Series3 next year, but instead there's one currently sitting in the entertainment center at home awaiting installation of a pair of CableCARDs this weekend (provided the installer is competent enough to get the job done right the first time, which is a crap shoot based on experiences across the country). So far, though, it's proven itself quite useful and I feel that will only continue... especially once some of the features are fleshed out and bugs are fixed (thankfully all of which are in software).

It will also help quite a bit when I can get that part of the living room rewired for HD (already have a TV and 2 other pieces of equipment that support it, so why not?).

The fact that it's sitting there is also testament to how quickly the network changes were pulled off. Things actually worked right the first time which, as a programmer, leaves me with a very uneasy feeling...

(actually, there were some small stability problems, but I think I've got those ironed out now... for future reference, IPSec tunnels are a lot more stable when the key lifetime is an hour instead of 8)

Aside from that, the last week hasn't been too eventful. One good thing was lilbluebus's birthday party Sunday evening. It was a lot of fun, and a chance to see some old and new faces in the area... not to mention more pressure to check out RPS (Thanks, Bill! :-)
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