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One for the record books?

If there was a record for number of botched install appointments within a certain period of time, Comcast would be right up there in the rankings.

When I was first moving to this area, I was here only on weekends before the official move date, and had scheduled digital cable to be installed one of those weekends so I'd be ready to connect the cable modem myself when I officially moved and not have to pay $100 for the Comcast guy to do essentially nothing (can't do self-install on that if you're a new customer... stupid, but easy to get around). Instead of honoring the Saturday appointment, though, someone came by the Tuesday before when no one was home and left a "sorry we missed you" note and no one came at the time of the appointment.

Today, I had an appointment to swap the cable box for a pair of CableCARDs to put in the TiVo. The appointment was for 2-5pm, and I received a call around 4:30 saying that the guy was running late, but would definitely be here. Some jobs can run long, so that was understandable. Around 7:30, I called and was told that, since it was a CableCARD install, they had to hand the job from the contract tech to an in-house tech, but they would still be here tonight. I wait 3 hours, and no one shows. Around 10:30 I call again, and they're surprised at what happened, but were willing to work with me on getting it done.

Both times, I was able to escalate the situation and get a Sunday appointment, something that they don't normally do. Last time, someone showed up and things were taken care of fairly quickly. Hopefully they'll show up tomorrow and, considering the track record for cable companies in general installing CableCARDs lately (little better than a crap shoot), the install will go well. I've had their cable box disconnected for the last week, and it'll be nice to be able to access the digital channels again.

[Update: Sunday @ 5:15pm]
They aren't coming today either... looks like I'll be working from home tomorrow to accommodate these idiots.
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