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It's about bloody time, too...
After a week and a half of apparent stalling on the part of Comcast, I finally got a call today about 1:40 from an installer saying they were on the way, and 5-10 minutes into the 2-5pm install window one showed up. Imagine my surprise :-)

This was her 4th Series3 install, so she knew more than most would what needed to be done (including having the office initialize the cards instead of simply hitting them... for those not in the know, those are different things). The cards were installed, the numbers called in, and a few minutes later the cards were hit. Shortly after that, everything just worked. Here's hoping that they continue to work as well as they do now, and that TiVo's online scheduling system soon catches up with the new channel lineup.

Now that I can receive them, I did check out the HD channels. There's not that much difference, though, until I can get things rewired for HD quality video (component video, or HDMI for an as yet unpurchased receiver to translate).

Speaking of time...
Every time I hear Disturbed's cover of Land of Confusion, I find that I still like the original version better. One can't argue, though, that it's pretty timely... all one has to do to is change the masks they're all wearing in the video (Dubya, Tony Blair, Osama...) and it's instantly updated.
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