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Doh! ...and other updates

Mistaken meeting
My current manager is known for always scheduling meetings at the last minute, so when she schedules one 2 weeks in advance I naturally became confused. What I thought was today is actually 2 weeks from now, which is great because that gives me a chance to actually finish what I'm working on before getting thrown into another big project.

New capture drive
What could have all arrived yesterday is arriving over two days, so I'm going by this evening to pick up the packages containing what I need to put in the new video capture drive this weekend. According to the UPS tracking info, both packages (coming from different shipping centers for the same company) were in the area 2 days ago, but one of them was apparently held in SC just long enough to make the delivery date accurate. Whatever happened to express shipping being express?

At the very least, the delay means that there's a better chance that a (free!) DVD of updated map data for my car GPS will be waiting for me as well.

Giving thanks, two weeks early
My little cousin is supposed to be at Disneyworld for Thanksgiving (go figure), so my immediate family in NC is doing holiday dinner a little early this year to try and include him. They were originally wanting to do it the weekend before, but on hearing this I mentioned coming up for my HS class reunion next weekend and started asking if they could do it two weeks early instead (given that 2 6-hour round trips in 2 weeks can get old quickly). I'm still waiting on word as to whether that will work or not.

Of course, that puts me being in GA for the Thanksgiving holiday when I would normally be in NC. What I'll end up doing that day is still a big unknown...

It also throws off some friend visiting I was hoping to do Thanksgiving weekend while I was there, but I've got the week of Christmas off (and will be in NC for sure for part of that) so maybe it can be done then.
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