Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

This weekend
...will be spent in Concord, mostly. There's the class reunion Saturday night, and then spending most of the next day with family. The early Thanksgiving meal worked out well after all, as my uncle was really the one that things were hanging on, and he thought it was going to be this weekend anyway :-)

Where's the money gone?
Due to the timing of the sale of my old home in NC, there was a double property tax payment, but the Guilford County Tax Office still can't seem to figure out exactly where that extra money went. I've called and emailed repeatedly over the last month or so and at no point has it been posted... only the first payment from my old lender. Instead of the $600-something that I should have paid, then, I've paid closer to $1800.

While I'd love to get the overpayment refunded if I can, the chances of that aren't looking so hot if the county office still can't find it after all this time. The next best thing would be if I can deduct all that was paid on my tax return, which will likely be a lot more than the amount the county reports to the IRS. I'm checking with the latter now to see if I can deduct it all if I can document what I paid, which is easy considering that I have the HUD-1 (or the Prudential Relocation equiv. of that) and the escrow closing statement, and I can make copies of both of those to send in with my return.

Planning next year's vacations
It may seem a little early for this, but I've got a lot planned for next year and this week (well, through next Tuesday, really) is the time I have to request any extra vacation days if I need them, and it looks like I will. As for what those big things are, there's the trip to Canada sometime over the summer, but I'm also planning to be in the Raleigh area for GeoWoodstock 5 over Memorial Day weekend and I'm going to try to catch up with friends and family in the area while I'm there.
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