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I've been drafted

At our class reunion tonight, the girls that planned the last two said that they weren't going to do it anymore, and picked out someone to plan the next one. Who was picked by her to assist? Yours truly. She calls me her "little helper", but if you look at us you'll definitely see irony :-)

It'll be interesting helping plan the next one from 250 miles away (assuming I don't move back in the next 5 years), but it should be doable.

Other than that, it was a lot of fun. We basically took over the upstairs dining room of a tavern in downstairs Concord. It was going to be at The Lakes in Kannapolis, but as it turns out about 1/5 of the number required to reserve that space said they were coming (18 compared to 75). We had closer to 30-40 show up tonight.

There were a couple of people that didn't show up for the last one that I was hoping to see tonight, but they still weren't there. Here's hoping that they'll show up for at least one of these.
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