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Access Globe "support"

These guys have just hit a new low... and are now on the same level as most cable company support desks. After figuring out this morning that their POP3S server went down (holding up business email, including a day and a half of order notifications), this is what I get:

Me: I've been using the POP3 over SSL server for several months now (well, years, actually), but now it seems that it's not working. The unsecured POP3 server is working fine, though. Did it just break down over the weekend, or did you guys take it down for good?

Them: It should be working now. THank you

Me (after checking): It should be, but it isn't... unless it was moved to another port as well (standard POP3S port is 995). I just checked and connections to it are still refused.

Them: Please try rebooting your computer, Thank you

Me: Rebooting my machine wont fix yours. POP3 (port 110) is working, but POP3 over SSL (port 995) is not. They were both working until sometime Saturday, and I can use the POP3 as a fallback, but I would like my mail downloads from your server to be secure again.

Only after that does my ticket get forwarded to someone with knowledge.

Apparently someone recently told them that all they have to do to be a support desk is act the part. No, it takes more than that.

At least I won't be with them for too much longer...
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