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Good news from the IRS

Ok, pick up your jaws...

I received a reply from someone at the IRS this evening about the overpaid property tax and, after wading through the property tax rules that I've read before, there was the nugget. If I don't receive a refund for the overpayment by the end of the year, I get to deduct all of what I paid, whether or not the county acknowledges it. If I get the refund in 2007, I'll have to add it back in as income, but at the moment the chances of that are looking pretty slim.

TiVo Network Freedom

The Series 3 can't do video transfers yet, but one thing about it that would severely annoy is the fact that both the TiVo boxes and TiVo Desktop can only see each other if they're on the same subnetwork. Why's that annoying? My home has three... two wired subnets, TiVo on one and computers on the other, that are bridged by a 3rd wireless subnet.

My solution? Learn the necessary protocols and write a repeater program for my routers that in theory blows that limit away. I can't do a full test yet, either with actual transfers or checking that the TiVo can see the computer, but the computer definitely sees the TiVo and makes an attempt at seeing what's on it. At this point, I'm feeling pretty good about it :-)
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