Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

The Bridge of Sound

Shortly after discovering the SoundBridge last week, I found it on sale at Best Buy. I yielded, and on the way home Friday evening I picked one up. No regrets, though... a good portion of the weekend was spent getting it fully working (for reasons that I'll explain), but now it's there and I'm getting a lot of use out of it, particularly the internet radio streaming. So far the stream URLs in the thing include a couple of internet-only "radio" stations as well as a couple of old favorites in NC that fortunately do streaming of their on-air audio... 106.5 in Charlotte and 98.7 in Greensboro.

The reason that I had to work at getting it fully functional was because of my home network, and the fact that it's split into 3 subnets... a wired one for the computers, another for the entertainment center, and those are bridged over a 3rd (wireless) network with an IPSec tunnel. Sure, I could do wireless without all of that, but I kind of like the security it gives me... I've used IPSec over the wireless net for a couple years now, and don't want to keep a hole open just for this.

That comes into play in the fact that the SoundBridge doesn't allow for explicitly entering the address of a music server on the local network. Instead, it relies solely on Apple's implementation of Zero Configuration Networking (which they call Bonjour) to discover those servers, which is something that by its very nature is normally limited to a single subnet. It also includes security measures that try to ensure that services are only advertised from the network that the computer (or device) is attached to, and nowhere else.

How did I get around this? There is a loophole in the security measures, that I wasn't the first to exploit... it doesn't matter where the actual service resides, only that the machine advertising it is on the local network :-) I just took what I did to get around the same problem with TiVo's discovery mechanism, and adapted it to work with Multicast DNS.

Once I can get the TiVo beacon repeater and Multicast DNS tunneling into the same program and everything relevant moved into a configuration file, I'm planning to release it. After all, I can't be the only one with a non-trivial home network...
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