Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

It's not every day you walk by and see capacitors the size of soda cans.


Over the last week or so, the part of the office area where I sit has become frrrrrreezing, and I'm not the only one that feels it. It's almost like whoever's in charge of climate control around here has forgotten that it's not summer yet. Unfortunately, I haven't seen a thermostat that we can adjust anywhere.

Nearly everything is ready for the trip to Canada. The flight and rental car are both taken care of, the former bought while the prices are still good, and all that remains is the hotel room. I know that's kind of vital, but I'm also wanting to use a free night that I have coming to me, and I can only reserve those within a month in advance. Of course, there's also the possibility of saving that night for one of the holiday trips later in the year... still debating that one.

I also bought a phone, which will come in handy for the trip, but that's not where its use ends. It's an unlocked Motorola MPx220 (quad-band GSM Windows smartphone), which basically means I can use it for development hardware (tax write-off!) as well as with nearly any international travel I may do in the future (via prepaid plans in those countries). Granted, at least for this trip I could have used my Verizon phone. However, when you compare $0.33/min (Rogers prepaid) to $1.50+/min (Verizon intl. roaming and LD), even with the price of the SIM card and activation it will take me less than 24 mins. of talking to start reaping cost benefits.
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