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Finances again... finances and dreams :-)

I received something from the state yesterday that I wasn't expecting. An income tax refund check for a dollar.

One little dollar. One wonders how they justified the paper and postage for that.

I wasn't expecting to get anything back from the state, actually. What I didn't put toward this year's taxes, I sprinkled among a few of the charities that were listed in the tax return. Unless one of them disappeared for some reason, the only reason I can think of why I would get anything is a rounding error in my favor.


One thing that's a bit dangerous for someone who's paying off debt is to be looking into getting a new car, but that was me toward the end of the week. I was sitting there looking at the '08 Escape Hybrids and what I could get for mine right now. I was going to wait until a year after what I have was paid off before trading it in, but there are a few features in the thing that I wish I had now.

Fortunately, if I traded in now I likely wouldn't have to roll over anything from the current loan. The blue book value of what I have now minus the current payoff amount give me a couple thousand (I was told by the dealer that I was driving off the lot with positive equity, and I'm starting to see that now), and with a couple more as a down payment I could have a monthly comparable to what I'm paying now with a car that's 3 years newer.

As it stands, though, I should have my CC balance paid off by next summer, so if I wait until the latter part of next year I'll have the opportunity to drive that equity up even more. That is, if I wait I could end up with no down payment, an equal or even lesser monthly payment, and a car that's one year newer than what I could get now.

Yeah, I think I'll wait :-)
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