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Again with the randomness?

I was emailing my brother yesterday about his coming home (er, home-ish... he's in South Korea, but coming to SC for a wedding) next weekend. He sent an email this morning asking if I'd received my b-day gift yet... wasn't sure at the time what he was talking about. I happened to checked my UPS mailbox this afternoon, and found an unexpected package in there, but it didn't take long for 2 and 2 to add together. Enjoying part of that now :-)


The CC payoff plan has been accelerated yet again. This time, I should have it done by the end of the year! It'll be nice going into the new year with a zero (or at least near-zero) card balance.


I'll be heading to NC this weekend for the holiday... having Monday off comes in handy for not having to rush back on Sunday :-) Need a Cheerwine booster, jennstar?
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