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A good weekend

Yesterday, J and I went to see Spiderman 3. It was the third of our dinner/movie dates, but we're admittedly a pair of movie fans and there have been quite a few to see lately :-) As for the movie, it wasn't exactly the best of that series in my opinion, but it was still pretty good.

I also started acting on an idea to set up an aquarium at the house... Saturday I placed a bid on a 20 gallon acrylic tank (another day and some change before I know if my name is really on it or not) and spent some time at PetSmart that morning just looking around. These will be the first pets I've had, actually, since the goldfish my family had when my age was still in the single digits.

This weekend I'll be spending most of in NC for mom's day. I also need to pick up the Cheerwine that I forgot to buy last time I was there (doh!).
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