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Silver cloud with dark lining

I was looking forward to it for a week, but when the aquarium tank arrived today I was extremely disappointed. There was a major crack down the middle of the front, and the back of the crossbar was completely broken off. The acrylic might be reparable, but even then I would be doubting its ability to hold back the force of 20 gallons of water. The damage looked like it happened during shipping.

The seller offered no shipping insurance (trust me, I would have paid if it were offered), and the warranty card he tossed in is worthless because I don't have proof of purchase from an "authorized dealer", which I doubt the seller is. I'm now stuck trying to get some kind of refund, and having to buy a similar tank at full price. At least, in that case, I'll have at least something to work with in case I get another one damaged in transit.

If there's an up side to today as a whole, the package from that the USPS tracking site reported as being in Weaver, AL of all places was actually delivered right where it was supposed to be... the UPS store where I have all things like that delivered.
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