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Weekend recap

This has been a very full, but quite good weekend.

Friday night, J and I went to see Delta Farce... a very good movie if you like comedies, and particularly if you're into the Blue Collar Comedy specials.

Most of yesterday was spent in Helen, celebrating helixblue's birthday, including a Mexican lunch (and my first margarita), German dinner, lazy tubing down the Hooch and walking around the streets of the town with friends. Most of them camped at a local park after all of that, but I wasn't able to because...

Most of today was spent with J and her "family" (sort of a surrogate family of hers in GA), starting with joining them for church this morning, then back to their house for her "niece"'s birthday party. Everything seemed to go well with that, as well as with meeting a couple of her closest friends in the area, which seems to be a good sign with regards to our relationship. Now I just need to drag her to NC and (if possible) NM to visit my family.. I don't think there'll be a problem there either :-)
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