Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

The one difficult thing about starting a journal like this just AFTER things have happened is the inclination to catch up on those. Today, I'm going to grab Mr. Peabody, step into the Wayback Machine, and revisit things over the past year.

Now... where to begin?

Time goes by...

More time goes by...

I guess the first to happen that would be a life-changing experience would be stuff going on at work over the past year. Early last year, quite a few people that I worked with that I would call close friends decided to quit. I don't know if it was personal reasons, or if there was the general feeling that something was going downhill in the company. I guess it would be both. They scattered pretty much to the four winds and with them went some of the life out of the company as it was at the time.

The layoffs that happened closer to the end of the year (and moreso the rumors of them for the month or two beforehand) sent people running for the hills as well. In my case I'm still sticking around and seeing what happens, and contrary to popular belief at the time things seem to be turning around (which, of course, is a good thing).

Another noteworthy thing that happened last year was my trip to Finland. I have a few friends there that I've known online for years that I've wanted to go visit for most of that time, but only now have I had the means to do that. I have family and friends that probably still think I'm crazy to fly across an ocean to see people that I've only known online, but I have to say that if I had the chance I'd do it again. For my first overseas trip, it was an awesome one.

Toward the end of the year is about when things really went south... I lost two grandparents, one from each side of my family, and one of them 3 days before Christmas. Unfortunately, I hadn't had that much contact with the one on my father's side just before the time that it happened (my parents are divorced) but I was very close to my grandfather on my mother's side, and I'm missing him terribly. They'll both never truly be gone as long as those on this side that loved them remember them.

A good friend of mine from Charlotte said that it wasn't a good year for grandparents (she had lost 3 of hers last year as well), and I have to say that I agree with her. What we have to do, though, is remember what we can of the good times with them. That way, we keep them alive within ourselves indefinitely.
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