Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

No hump day this week

I think I'm pretty much set for the trip this weekend... a few things to pick up at the store this evening or tomorrow, but then there's just packing tomorrow evening. I've been needing this break for some time now.

I noticed this morning that the tank is starting to cycle. I'm wondering at this point what I'll be able to do (if I need to do anything?) to keep that going while I'm out of town, but so far it's looking good. At this point, I've started getting concrete plans together as far as what kind of fish I plan to put in it, and so far I've got the following stocking plan...

- 2 Sunburst Platies (couldn't find the Sunset variety at PetSmart, but these seem similar)
- 2 Cory Cats (not sure of which specific kind yet)
- 6 Neon Tetras

I did the math and, using one rule of thumb that I've seen, that seems about right for a 20 gallon tank. I'm planning to start with the Platies and go from there. Any comments from those of you with fishkeeping experience?
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