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Shock, surprise, that kind of thing...

Bank of America, that place that I should no longer owe anything to after this month (yay!), finally did something to help me out (without my asking, mind you) after who knows how long using their credit card and being almost gouged by their high interest rates.

Somehow, some of my access checks for that account were snagged, and someone had written one to "Mary Maid" for $9500. BoA called me up yesterday to confirm that it was valid, since it didn't fit my pattern (Discover did the same thing when I charged a couple PetSmart things on their card since, before last month, I haven't had a pet in around 25 years), but also the fact that they thought that someone in my profession should have been able to spell "Merry" correctly :-)

They canceled that card, which also canceled the online access to my account, and are sending me a new one. Hopefully the new card will be here relatively soon, though, as the next statement should be posted first thing next week and I intend to put in that last payment as soon as I can.

In other news, Cucumber Pepsi?? *twitch*
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