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Days 2-4 - Family, friends, and more tourist bait

I'm still being lazy about processing photos from this trip so far, but I intend to do that tomorrow... that and relax a bit from the driving and sightseeing of the last few days. Still, there are the occasional shots that I do pick out and process immediately, including this one showing that sometimes even the lousy can look good.

I couldn't get a decent shot of the Canadian side of the falls, which I'm told is a far better sight, because of all of the mist in front of it. This shot of the American side, though, came out rather well. I did see both up close and personal later in the day, but when you're getting heavily sprayed with water it's not the time to be getting out a couple thousand in camera equipment to capture it (especially when said equipment isn't sealed against moisture :-)

The Niagara sightseeing was done with a very good friend from Buffalo, who I was just then meeting after roughly 10-15 years (closer to the latter) of talking online. I spent a lot of this afternoon after that with lonita... similar friendship background, but not quite so long a time I think :-)

Yes, I realize this post isn't in chronological order, but you guys can deal.

Yesterday, I spent a lot of the afternoon with a relative of mine in Etobicoke. The movie we had originally planned to see apparently hasn't started yet up here, so we watched a couple videos at her place and then got something to eat.

Saturday was a visit with another old friend, someone I had met online at first and then became friends with when she was in NC. It was good to see her again and meet her family, who I've also become friends with over the years.
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