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The good and the bad

The day after I put them in the tank, one of the neon tetras I bought in June died. After waiting a few weeks, I just wrote that one off to stress from the journey as the other five were still alive and well. I bought its replacement last Friday, and it died yesterday... again, the other five are doing great. I may put something else in the tank, but I'm not planning to roll the neon dice again.

It's looking like I'm single again. The last time I heard from J was the beginning of last month when I took her those stomach meds, despite several attempts to contact her in the meantime... I can understand being out for the count for a week or so because of a stomach virus (been there, done that), but 7 weeks without a word IMO is pushing it. I'm a firm believer in trust and decent communication being essential parts of relationships... my last one in NC ended due to lack of the former, and it's looking like this one's ending from lack of the latter.

If there is a bright spot at the moment, it's that two things are arriving in the mail today:
- My copy of Deathly Hallows
- A 16x20 print of that CN Tower shot
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