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The day is slowly approaching but, then again, it seems like it's just around the corner. The day that marks the end of my 3rd decade on this flying, spinning rock called Earth.

So far I don't have any immediate plans to celebrate it. I am going to a birthday party, that I managed to convince the host to include mine in on, but it's a little late... it's happening at the end of May. I renewed my driver's license yesterday, so at least I'll be able to legally drive there :-)

Off of that topic, and on to others...

I rented One Hour Photo (per mareejane's recommendation) and The Ring, to watch sometime between now and next Wednesday. I'm also planning on seeing Dreamcatcher sometime this weekend. I read the book early last year, so by now I'm really looking forward to the movie version... I figured back then that this would probably happen. The story just seemed like it would make a good movie. It'll be interesting to see how a couple of the guys play the parts, though... particularly Jason Lee and Donnie Wahlberg.
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