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Again with the randomness

While waiting to see how my last shareware project does in the PPC software awards, I'm starting on a new one... another version of the same program, this one for the Smartphone edition of Windows. Over the last couple of weeks I've been laying groundwork for it, but now I'm actually getting into the program itself. It's a bit of a challenge considering the fact that it's a phone OS (only one menu per screen and no touchscreen of any kind), but I'm slowly getting things sorted out on that front.

After it's done, then I get to deal with the giant rip-off that is Windows Mobile code signing ($300/year for the certificate, and around $10/file for the actual signing)... I'm thankful that the shareware is doing as good as it is, or I wouldn't even bother.


After this month, my CC balance should be just a hair over $5000, roughly 1/4 of what it was 6 months prior. That still amazes me, but I couldn't be happier finally getting it back under control.


After tonight, I should be done reading Deathly Hollows, and ready to go back and read the spoiler comments from those of you that have posted them :-)

I'll never be mistaken for a speed reader, but I'm OK with that. I'm more of a bedtime reader, usually, and while that may take longer it's just as enjoyable. The last time I can remember reading for hours during the day was the last time I had the flu, and at the time I didn't feel like doing anything much besides reading and sleeping.

Naturally, I could do without a repeat of that experience anytime soon.


I've also finally gotten my Dragon*Con registration taken care of. It annoys that they're going through TicketMaster this year, which adds roughly $10 to the price, but I can appreciate wanting to offload the registration sales process without sacrificing funding for such a great event.

I'm not likely to do any costuming this year either, so I'll just be hanging out with my camera. There are a couple of you that I know will be there, but as for the rest (particularly those of you in the Charlotte area), who all is coming?


Last. but not least, happy slightly belated anniversary to dichotomous and tech11!
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