Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Walking into spiderwebs... never all that fun, particularly when they're INDOORS. Ok, so it was just a single strand, compared to what I have to get through some mornings at my front steps. I'm still not that crazy about it.

For the record, that was at the office, not at home :-)

I'm starting to make some serious headway on the Windows Smartphone version of CacheMate, which means pretty soon I'll be needing to buy into the ripoff that is Windows Mobile code signing. It's not just the expense I have to get past, though.

Part of the requirements for getting the certificate in the first place is some sort of business proof-of-existence documentation, which could be tricky because is not incorporated nor has it ever been formally declared as a business entity outside of an NC state tax registration (haven't gotten one for GA yet because there hasn't been any sales tax to collect*), and the only other documentation is a stack of 1040 Schedule C forms. I've emailed the certificate authority about that, so hopefully something will be worked out.

* That's not to say that my self-employment income has been zero since I got here... far from it. It's just that the vast majority of the sales I get are indirect, through a company based in Nebraska, and that's where sales tax would be collected if it applied. I haven't had any direct sales so far within the state of GA.
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