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Home theatre improved

This Saturday, one of these will be arriving at my place. The original plan was to wait until early next year when the Discover card would be zeroed out and there might be a no-interest deal going on at Circuit City, but there were a few factors that prompted me to go ahead and do it.

- No interest for 3 years until Sat. (min. payments until next year, then wipe out the rest)
- Free delivery (normally upwards of $60)
- Free up-converting DVD player (already have one, but this one may be better)

When I was on the phone scheduling the delivery, the guy I was talking to was trying everything he could to cross-sell. I'm already getting a protection plan for the thing, the cost of which will be completely justified when the bulb has to be replaced, which at the rate those things go should happen before the plan term runs out. He kept going at it, though...

- "Do you need cables?"
- "No." (not the overly expensive ones they sell, anyway*)
- "Do you need a surge protector?"
- "I have one."
- "Do you need a stand?"
- "I'm building one."

It took about 5 minutes or so to get past his bewilderment on that last one :-)

My criteria for a stand for this thing are as follows:
- Enough shelf area for the TV and my SurroundBar, which can't be placed on top of the DLP set
- At least two lower shelves for associated components
- Open shelves and casters for easy wire maintenance

With a little help, I was able to put together something that satisfied all of those things, and cost 1/3 as much as the only stand I could find that came closest to meeting all of them (it lacked open shelves). Not to mention the fact that I was able to pick up what I needed locally instead of waiting a week or two for shipping.

* When an HDMI cable that's tested and certified for 1080p can be had for $13, why pay 6 times that?
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