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New vs. Old, pros and cons

I moved most of the electronics to the new stand last night, in preparation for the TV arriving this weekend, and took the opportunity to try out the DVD player that came with that deal. Part of that was confirming something I'd read, that that player couldn't handle burned dual-layer discs... indeed, it can't, and I've got a couple that I'd like to be able to continue watching. The PS2 can handle those, but I'm not planning to attach a remote to a game console here until I upgrade it and get a Blu-ray player in the process.

When the TV arrives and I can switch some things over to HDMI, I'll be doing some testing with that (the old one can up-convert to 1080i, while the new can go up to 1080p), but I'll be wanting to get rid of one of them. At that point, if anyone's interested, they can have the one I end up wanting to lose. I got this new one for free, so it's only fair...
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