Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

One more reason not to get an iPhone... 52-page phone bills. Perhaps, at some point, AT&T will realize that it's actually losing money due to that... perhaps not.


The more things change, the more they stay the same. The DHI (not a typo) is revamping its Secure Flight list, which on the surface may sound good, but you still can't see what (if anything) they have on you, and can't tell them if they're wrong. Even if you could, they'd probably stick fingers in their ears and go la la la la la...


SCO has finally been told to shut the hell up over what it thinks it owns. Great news, but Sun may be in a pickle now because they bought rights from the wrong people so many years ago. I almost feel sorry for those that paid those Linux extortion (licensing) fees to SCO, but you do have to wonder just how gullible they would have to be...


The idea of global warming gets some steam knocked out of it (hah), with most of the warmest years on record now being over 70 years ago. Interesting news, that...


The largest music label on the planet is finally doing a test run with DRM-free music sales, something they would have done years ago if the execs there had a brain cell between them.
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