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One more reason...

...I'm glad this week is over.

My A/C was fixed two days ago after being out for two days, and this morning my car decides that it's not going to start. I tried jump-starting both batteries, all to no avail, then called the Ford dealership I work close to in order to see about getting it fixed. It's still there, as "this is not a simple fix" (read: they still don't know what the hell is wrong).

At least there are two things in my favor here:
- The car is still barely under warranty... if this had happened 2400 miles later, I'd be screwed
- The service plan I paid for when I bought it covers a rental

What's nice about Gwinnett Place Ford as opposed to the one in NC is that they go through Enterprise for "loaners", rather than leaving the car owner with a very dated... thing. Also, with the option to upgrade by paying the difference, I'm driving around in a Sonata instead of trying to squeeze into a compact.
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