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Questionable intelligence

A couple of the Pocket PC magazine award judges so far have emailed me about getting registration codes for CacheMate, as they feel they need it to make a full assessment of the software. I've emailed them both saying that I need some information from them (from the PDA, actually) in order to do that, but have received nothing in return. Granted, one of them just emailed me with that yesterday, but for the other it's been over 2 weeks. One wonders if they just THOUGHT they would need it and later changed their minds, or if a typical registration process is just too much for them. If the latter, then they were appointed as software award judges for what reason?

The latter one emailed me immediately after the registration code request, saying that the installer wasn't working. I guess that having a Ph.D. isn't everything, as one that knows anything about Pocket PCs should realize that they can run EXEs directly, and the fact that that's how my Pocket PC installer works is spelled out rather plainly in the FAQ on my website.

Hopefully the other judges aren't that dense, esp. those with credentials. The fact that the evaluation period is roughly 2/3 over, with those being the only emails, might be a good sign.
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