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Friends list meme

From bubblesbrnaid...

Copy and paste your LiveJournal friends list into an entry, and then bold everyone you've met. Italicize the ones you've spoken with on the phone. Bold AND italicize the folks you hang out with on a regular basis.

In my case, the "regular basis" is in a relative sense, and would actually include more people if I still lived in NC. Also, I'm removing journals that are effectively duplicates.

_r3_, _sunsc, alathia, alison_says, ambie_nc, annabeth420, another_chapter, aspenique_says, atomisk, azhreia, bartacus, beccaboo9415, bellalunatic, bjeorn, bloodkitty, boomtownrat, bubblesbrnaid, bunnyboy, captoblivious, cartooncheryl, casteele72, chairbythepier, chinosgirl24, corpdecker, data02, delphinus, diabolica_nc, dichotomous, djbrian_s, dlostboy, doji_shiori, dorsey, drew_at_angst, drmellow, druffy, duckettes, eicnan, eldritch48, eliz, endersjewel, erajia, evilgoddess, feywords, firegrl_nc, gryphlet, halcionclouds, helixblue, iharthdarth, ihvpave, irtluhc, jeffsworld, jennstar, jessdev, lonita, mamierock, mareejane, mavjop, mesmeric_dream, mieper, mkoskimi, mrfuckyou, myddion, nuvarre, oni_no_neko, otakubilly, photognome, pinkpertygirl, rakoth, raven_blue, romantic_irony, rvial, satinwhispers, schnookielumps, see_me_burn, sidelobe, sinlishus, sirinek, skobo, sonria, spantifical, spiderandi, stojak, supersprode, sweet_evil, tawnyleona, tech11, tygerlilly, vi0let_star, vox_angel, vuduchile, wizzu, xiheartyou, yarbiedoll, zarannah, zebedeegoddess

...that is, if memory serves.
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