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Vonage number transfer

A couple weeks worth of unnecessary headaches were involved, but the number transfer is now approved and scheduled for next Wednesday. It'll be nice to be able to tell AT&T where to go :-)

I say unnecessary, because the issue of having the distinctive ring on my land line could have been addressed before I put in the transfer request had I known about it at the time. Instead, it took nearly two weeks from the day that I removed it for them to be updated that it was gone. I sent an email to Vonage about that, and who knows... if they update their site accordingly, it may save future customers of theirs the same headaches.

If that's the only problem I ever have with Vonage, though, then consider me a happy camper. As a phone service, it's performed quite well over the last three weeks.

I received a reply to my suggestion for better information on their web site, where the Vonage rep basically said, "Yes, well, that's common knowledge." Since when?
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