Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

More powerful, less power-hungry

I've lately started upgrading things around the house to newer models that are nicer, but burn a lot less power.

This started with the TV... a DLP projection set instead of the CRT projection behemoth that I had for the last few years.

A couple days ago, the following joined this quest:

- 19" LCD widescreen monitor for the home-bound computers (compare to a 17-19" CRT)

- Mini-ITX Linux server/desktop machine (replacing the much slower one I currently have at home... as it runs 24/7 and the new box will burn maybe half the power of the old, the savings should be readily apparent)

The parts for the server are still en route, but I should be getting that together early next week. Once that's built, I'll be going through what I displace to see what can be sold or recycled.

I've already done the obvious, such as replacing bulbs with fluorescents, at least for those lights that get a lot of use. Next, there will likely be a gradual swapping out of the appliances and other built-in things, especially those that are showing a lot of age (likely starting with the dishwasher, which I've already been recommended to replace soonish anyway). That should also help with the value of the place when time comes to sell it.
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