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Goodbye, Death Star!

"Congratulations! Your existing phone number ... has been transferred to Vonage"

Now that that's done, it's time to switch to the yearly prepaid plan and shave a little more off of the overall bill. What's ironic is that I just sent a bill payment to AT&T two days ago. I'm wondering now how much I'll be getting back :-)

I'm still a little annoyed that they think they've already got things covered as far as the issue of letting people know about features that may delay the transfer process if they're not removed before it's started, like distinctive ring in my case. The support reps I've been emailing so far have apparently been under the impression that a certain part of the transfer guidelines already covers this...
Don't add new features to existing service- pending charges on the account will delay your Number Transfer

Am I the only one that reads that and doesn't see it as including features that were added before the transfer request is put in? Apparently I'm convincing someone there, though, as the last email I received said that it was being escalated to their 2nd level support... maybe that means they'll actually do something about it? Who knows.

Aside from that, I couldn't be happier with them. At least with the D-Link adapter that I bought, the sound quality is pretty much the same as a landline, according to both me and the people that I've talked to on it. Having a stable broadband connection helps as well... I wouldn't have dared use this with my Time Warner connection in High Point, as flaky as it was when the weather grew colder. Comcast, at least in Norcross, has proven itself to be pretty solid in that regard over the last year.
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