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Ups and downs of the last week

The past week had its share of up and down notes, but overall it seems like it was a good one.

Before a few days ago, I hadn't yet tested the Blu-ray player in the PS3 that I bought a week ago. That changed, thanks to Netflix... after I finished setting the thing up, I set my account there to send Blu-ray versions of movies in my queue if they existed, and last week I received The Departed and Bridge to Terabithia in that format. Color me impressed...

Early in the week, I ordered a terabyte drive for upgrading the TiVo. I had already upgraded the drive once, but was starting to wonder where the room went when I wanted to record more HD content. As it turns out, while the tool I was using said the filesystem on the drive could be expanded 3 more times, the fact of the matter is that the maximum limit that it was getting that from covered two drives... I had maxed out my opportunities to upgrade a single drive without losing recordings, which I didn't want to do. I don't want the new drive to be a waste so, since the Series 3 has an eSATA port, I'm looking into using that to add the new drive externally (what I was trying to avoid at first). TiVo's eSATA support isn't officially turned on yet, but the support is there (there are tricks to enable it) and reportedly it works quite well.

Lastly, there was the date Saturday night. We didn't exactly stick to the plan that we started with, but it still went very well (possibly better than if we had stuck to the plan). She's closer to my age and has more stable employment than the person I was seeing at the beginning of the year, so here's hoping things last more than 3 months this time around.
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