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Another thing I'm loving about the PS3... freely downloadable game demos. I've grabbed three so far of games that looked interesting and, while I'm getting the hang of some faster than others, I'm becoming interested in the full versions of all three. The only problem is that two of them aren't out yet. Only a couple more weeks, though...

I'm still debating the benefits of an online game rental service like Gamefly over local game rental for just that purpose, which at least in terms of cost/time are quite good. The only problem there is that, while they do make the controller legend available, they don't give any more info than that. Some games, like Folklore, have easy-to-master controls but a lot more information is really needed to succeed at them (how to use certain items, for instance). I'm not sure how much better local game rental would be, either, as I haven't done that in a while. That was with Hollywood Video (which had very minimal gameplay info), and Blockbuster is closer to me now, but I don't know how different they are in that regard.

There is another option, at least for the games whose demos I'm enjoying, considering the time of year. I can just add them to my Amazon wish list and hope for the best :-)

Incidentally, Folklore would also be the first game I've played that takes advantage of the motion sensors in the PS3's controller... definitely something to get used to.
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