Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

More highs and lows

The date last weekend may have gone well, but it wasn't enough to make up for the fact that we ended up having very little in common. Oh well... some you win, some you lose.


Three days after I added the external drive to the TiVo, the internal drive decided to do its impression of a brick. I woke up on Sunday to find it stuck trying to reboot, with the hard drive making the occasional loud click. A friend told me that he had sometimes recovered from that with a reformat, which I'll try this week, but the recordings on that drive are still gone...

The up side, though, is that I still have a working TiVo with more space than I had before. I still had the original drive lying around (thankfully) and the new drive seemed to be in good shape, so I copied what was on the original drive to the new one and put it in. It took some nursing with getting the software and information updated, as I hadn't used the original drive in almost a year, but it seems almost back to normal now. There's only a couple of shows I had Season Passes for that are between seasons and not currently airing anything (one of them being Robin Hood on BBC America), but as soon as the next season starts on those I should be in good shape.

The reason for the upgrade in the first place was to have more room to record more in HD, and so far I have the Heroes and Smallville recording schedules switched to the corresponding local HD channels. After I get some time to gauge the space I'm using, and transfer some recordings to the computer, I'll probably add more.


My first experience with sushi, several years ago, didn't work out so well and consequently I never developed a taste for it. Part of that I'm thinking is that I wasn't really prepared for it and, trying pieces off of a friend's plate, I wasn't really sure what I was eating.

I became interested in it again, though, and started with a few web searches. One piece of advice that I found that sounded good was to start with the kinds of fish that you enjoy cooked... they'll probably be the best tasting to you in their raw form. It would appear to be great advice, as I picked up some nigiri (salmon and white tuna, in this case) this weekend and loved it. I guess I can also thank Alton Brown for sparking that interest again.

Time to spread the wings a bit now and see what other kinds I like...
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