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I'm not sure now why I did it, but the other day I pulled up Ford's "build & price" page again for the '08 Escape Hybrid and put in the current option choices. When I added the moonroof/satellite package, it said that the color choice of Vista Blue wouldn't work with that.


Why would cutting a hole in the roof and adding satellite radio cause two apparently arbitrary color choices (Vista Blue and White) to be invalid? Even if it was color matching in the optional hardware, one would think that they could pick a color for that which would work with any of the paint options. Ford wasn't exactly forthcoming with an explanation, either. If the two option choices truly aren't compatible, at least there's their green color as a fallback plan.


Things are now pretty solid for my trip to NM next spring. By then I wouldn't have seen my step-mom or the kids in roughly 3 years (slightly less than that in dad's case) and, considering my little sister will be 6 next month, I really need to get out there. I'm definitely looking forward to that :-)


It's difficult to tell how well the TrialPay option on my software site is taking off, but I did have one person in the Netherlands complete an offer (or at least get credited for it) yesterday. This at least proves that the system technically works, but time will tell how well overall.


Now that TiVo has enabled video transfers for their HD models, I've been hashing out a workflow for backing up recordings that I want to keep onto DVD. Most of that was worked out over the weekend (TiVo Desktop to transfer, DirectShow Dump to decrypt, and VideoReDo to edit out commercials). It worked quite well for getting playable unencumbered MPEG files, but not so well for video DVDs... DVD-Lab Pro would blow up during disc compile.

What the problem turned out to be is the GOP length in the MPEG file... the standard for NTSC DVDs is 18, but in video recorded from TV it can be much longer. Once I found out about that, as well as the option in VideoReDo to fix it, things worked perfectly. The frame size is still not DVD standard, but every player I have seems to accomodate it.
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