Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Looking forward to...

I've got several things in the next few months that I'm looking forward to...

- Thanksgiving (time off, overnight trip to NC, and likely setting up the tree that weekend as well)

- Ordering the new car (1st or 2nd weekend of December, probably the 2nd... highly doubtful they'll have what I want on the lot by then)

- Mom's visit (the weekend before I head north for Christmas)

- Christmas & New Year (time off, a few days in NC, visiting friends as well as family)

- Arrival of the new car (mid-Jan to around the first of Feb., according to the usual 6-8 week ETA for those things... by then I should have a little over $8500 of equity for a trade-in)

I would add the trip to NM, but 6.5 months doesn't quite fit my definition of "few". I am getting prepared for it, though. The vacation time has been approved, plane tickets have been purchased, and now I'm looking into dialup net access to check email while I'm there. I used to have an account with a dialup provider that had unlimited access for $10/month, which I'll probably get something going with again... it would also come in handy for times when hotel internet access is out, like the last time I went to NC.
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