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Reporters vs. the 21st century

What a dipshit...

How one can expect to pick up and use a media player or PDA that can also make phone calls without having to learn the interface is beyond me, yet that's what this reviewer thinks he can do, and he writes his review from that perspective. If the guy is having that much trouble with modern technology, he should just stick with simple phones (the kind you can get for free with a contract these days), which will only do what "a cellphone should" and wont be "baffling" to him.

Another thing that annoys is his comparing a phone OS that existed before whatever it is that the iPhone runs, as though the former somehow came after the latter and has fallen short in trying to match it (which it wasn't). If I have to choose between a media player that makes phone calls to a PDA that makes phone calls, I'd choose the latter, as I can at least do something useful with it. Speaking of which...


The Windows Smartphone version of CacheMate is moving right along. I managed to get the core application, minus a couple of features I've yet to put in it, up and running on my test phone over the weekend. There's still 6 or so things I need to do to that, and close to a dozen plugins to write, but things are still looking good for beta testing to begin sometime next month.

Probably the most interesting thing I plan to do to this version is separate the GPS interfaces (serial, Bluetooth, etc.) and GPS functionality (location query and navigation), which should get rid of some of the redundancy in the Pocket PC version and make things even more open-ended. If it works out well, I'll be copying the idea to the Pocket PC version next year.
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