Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

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I decided today to replace the castle that I had in my aquarium with something a little more open. While the castle had plenty of places for the fish to hide and explore, it ended up being just an odd-shaped Schrödinger's Box... unless the fish hanging out in there came out every once in a while while I was looking, I had no idea whether they were alive or dead.

My fear was validated when I took the castle out and out of it fell one of the mickey mouse platies... a corpse of one, that is. I'll see about replacing him on Monday. Platies are more of a hardy species than neon tetras, so it should be easier to do that without the problems that I had with the neons earlier in the year.

On the up side, I'm about to set up the tree. That'll pull me out of this mood.
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