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Today's pick-me-up

When I release a software package, even on a limited basis for testing, and get the words "THIS IS SO COOL!!!" from the first person that tries it out... yeah... I call that a good sign :-)

I wrapped up the beta release of the Windows Smartphone version of CacheMate yesterday, after fixing the one last bug that I managed to see, and kicked off the beta test period over lunch today. If the other responses are as favorable as what I've gotten so far, this might be a fairly short test. I'm all for that!

The other side of releasing this thing, which I'm still wondering about the real necessity of, is signing it properly for use on phones. Most phones don't require signing with a "trusted" certificate, but there are apparently those that do, and the problem there is that they (the 2 certificate authorities allowed to do the signing) require a business to be a separate entity from its owner(s). That's something that I haven't done yet, and otherwise it's something that's of debatable worth to me, as I'm still operating Smittyware as a side gig... if it were pulling in enough for me to make it my full-time job, that would be a different story.

In any case, unlocked phones shouldn't have that problem, and if it comes down to it unlocking a phone (well, GSM phones anyway) these days is something that's relatively cheap, easy, and... oh yeah, quite legal.
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