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Open letter to Microsoft's Mobile2Market program

(incidentally, they're receiving this directly via email... it's highly doubtful that they'd be reading my journal)

I'm an independent developer, writing and selling software outside the context of a separate business entity, and have been doing so rather successfully for the last few years. A year and a half ago, I started writing software for your Pocket PC platform, and my success improved. This fall, I'm working on software for your smartphone platform.

Because your security model allows for phone operators to outright deny installation and execution of software not signed by a "trusted" certificate on the phones that they sell, I attempted to get one this week as my first smartphone application is currently in beta testing and I plan to officially release it soon. I don't need access to any privileged API functions... I'm simply trying to ensure that draconian carrier policies don't get in the way of my potential customers trying to use my software.

However, because I don't operate within a separate business unit, I'm unable to get one. Since GeoTrust seems unable or unwilling to answer my question as to why this is the case, and a lot of their policy concerning issuance and use of these certificates seems to be dictated by you (Microsoft), I'm writing you to try to get an answer.

My question is simply this... what exactly do you have against independent developers? Contrary to popular corporate belief, there are those of us that aren't malware writers, are doing well enough in sales to afford the fairly steep price of admission, and don't need the paperwork hassle that comes with a separate business entity when a 1040 Schedule C works perfectly well. Why, then, are we locked out of the party?
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