Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

The weekend so far, the good and the bad

The good:

- Another gift (about to be) wrapped, and a few others closer to done. I'm just waiting on shipped items to arrive at this point.

- The 5 free Blu-ray movies I was waiting on from a PS3 purchase deal finally arrived, and I picked them up yesterday. Now to dig into them. The ones that I haven't seen before are Pearl Harbor and Happy Feet but, if I end up not really caring for them, they'll make good eBay items.

- 1/3 done gaining "trust" points on my account. The maximum that I can get from a peer (of which there are several in the area) is 35 points, and I'm shooting for 100 for a code-signing certificate. The cert won't be trusted by any devices I'll be writing software for, but at least they can be verified on an actual computer as something better and more trustworthy than a self-signed cert.

- I'm reconnecting with my ex from earlier in the year. It's a long story behind what happened, and a lot of it I'm not really of liberty to share, but personally I have faith that things will be better this time around.

The bad:

- I haven't ordered the Escape yet. The sales guy this morning said something about a backlog, and showed me a couple of cars at other lots that had either too much (to the tune of a $2400 difference) or too little (not including everything I was after). He's going to check with the inventory manager on Monday on the possibility of ordering what I want, but if the word there isn't very favorable I may just go with the "too much" end if it's still available... I can still swing the payments, and it would help the resale value if that isn't gone anyway by the time I'm done with it :-)
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