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Again, but in reverse

The bad:

- The wait until I can get an order in for the '08 Escape Hybrid I'd like is 6 months... hmm, that sounds familiar. Also, the alternate that I liked the lot that has it is refusing to sell to my local dealer. The sales guy I've been talking with is going to keep looking, though.

The good:

- If nothing turns up for 6 months, I'll at least have the time to probably pay off what I have completely ($9600 eroding at roughly $1500/month... yeah, it could happen), which will make getting a new one easier.

- It seems that the Windows Smartphone version of CacheMate is ready for prime time, at least according to the pair of beta testers that are actually doing any testing and reporting. This evening will likely be spent putting 1-2 finishing touches into the 1.0 version and gearing up for the release.

- 9.5 work days left in the year :-)
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