Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

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This has been a lazy but productive day-after-Christmas...

- Changed aquarium water (needed after missing last weekend)
- A little food restocking
- Started unpacking and decluttering the living room
- Processed the last of the family photos, and had prints done of a couple of them

One of those photos is the product of one of CS3's new features... advanced compositing. The final group photo of my immediate family has everyone looking at the camera. Could I manage to get that out of a single shot? Ohhhhh no... try three :-)

I'm currently burning a stack of photo CDs, which has become standard for me when getting photos to the family. Instead of putting proofs out there, collecting orders from the family, cranking out and shipping prints, I just put them on CD-ROM and tell family members that they can have their own prints made if they want them. It's cheaper and a LOT simpler for me.
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