Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Current events, mostly embarrassing (or should be)

Sony BMG to sell DRM-free music downloads through stores
Never mind that they're going about it in entirely the wrong way, and I'm not talking about forcing people to drive to stores to start the process.

Someone ought to tell the execs at Sony that different is not always better. There is a reason that digital music buyers (myself included) "cherry-pick" tracks for purchase, and that is that the vast majority of albums that are out there contain only a few good songs and a lot of filler. Severely limiting selection for DRM-free tracks (or should it be track bundles) isn't helping things, either.

How To Jam an Election in a Few Quick, Easy Steps
Explained by the experts, of course... (former) members of the GOP.

Comcast to ramp up Internet speed, TV tech options
What's that? Some good news? Bandwidth increases are always welcome... assuming Comcast will raise their undocumented-but-we-can-kill-your-service-for-crossing-it monthly transfer limit at the same time.
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