Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

Randomness. Let me show you it.

Birthday wishes
Good ones, at that, a day early for tygerlilly and vi0let_star :-)

Income taxes
The NCDOR must have found humor since I left. I received the 2007 return forms yesterday from NC, to which I haven't owed income tax for roughly a year and a half. Of course, this is not the only tax-related botch-up I'm dealing with this time around... due to the timing of the closing of my old place in NC, there was a property tax overpayment of roughly 50%. I contacted the county several times about it, but apparently they couldn't find the overpayment until around 6 months after the fact. Since I had deducted it all for 2006, thinking I would never see that cash again, the refund becomes capital gain for 2007.

Crumpler 7 Million Dollar Home
I read several reviews before I bought this bag, one of which began with the words "Best. Camera Bag. Evar." After picking it up and playing with it for a while, I've got to say that I agree. It's not waterproof (just water-resistant), but that's not generally something I need in a camera bag. What I need are decent capacity, ease of access (preferably without taking the bag off my shoulder), and comfort. This bag certainly delivers, and it also helps that it looks more like a messenger bag instead of a camera bag. I've got a couple of toploader bags, at least one of which this will be permanently replacing, so I'll be listing things on eBay again pretty soon.

Sony gets it after all
I wasn't sure about Sony's lame original attempt at DRM-free music downloads, but soon after they signed a deal to sell MP3s through Amazon, opening up a much wider selection this time. I wonder how much ridicule they had to endure in the meantime.

Sarah Connor Chronicles
This seems like it'll be an interesting series. It is airing on Fox, though, so who knows how long it'll actually run.

Java logs
The concept may sound weird, but fireplace logs made from spent coffee grounds certainly work. There's hardly any smell, in particular lacking the chemical smell that goes with most other fire logs, and they burn a lot cleaner and a lot more completely than their sawdust-based cousins. I don't even have to manually break them down to get them to finish burning.

Tonight's dinner
I'm still contemplating that one, but I've got one idea coming together. I'll probably use some of the pulled pork shoulder that I brought home for Christmas (frozen since I got it here), and combine that with steamed celery and broccoli, maybe with some shredded cheese for good measure.
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