Maeglin (maeglin73) wrote,

The list of fours (almost)

From ej_feed...

Four Jobs I’ve Had:
- Stocker, Winn Dixie
- Software developer, UNC Charlotte
- Computer lab assistant, UNC Charlotte
- Software developer, NCR (current)

Four Places I’ve Lived:
- Concord, North Carolina
- Greensboro, North Carolina
- High Point, North Carolina (sense a theme?)
- Norcross, Georgia (current)

Four Places I’ve Visited:
- Santa Fe, New Mexico, United States
- Helsinki, Finland
- Toronto, Ontario, Canada
- Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Four Concerts I’ve Been To
- Matchbox Twenty
- Edwin McCain
- Better Than Ezra
- Journey

Two Exotic Foods I’ve Eaten
- Sushi (well, it sort of fits)
- Kimchee

There have been Vietnamese and Caribbean dishes that I've had as well, but I can't remember the names offhand.
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