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Weekend recap

I have to admit that the game itself wasn't my main reason for watching it last night, but it was still pretty good, especially toward the end. The Patriots were 30 seconds away from a perfect season and... oops! I turned it off at that point, more amused than anything else.

Of course, that wasn't the only highlight of the weekend. It wasn't even at the top of the list.

My brother's in the country for a few days, having flown in on Friday, and I had bounced the idea off of him earlier of having lunch. He's staying in Columbia, SC, so we ended up meeting semi-halfway in Augusta for that. He brought a couple friends from college along with him, whom I had met at his graduation, so it ended up being quite a fun day of catching up.

I also had a decent visit to the Barnes & Noble web store this weekend. It started with 70% off of a couple of novels (Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, and Perfect Dark: Initial Vector), thanks to a weekend sale on their site, and another 50% off of those and a Symbian S60 development book thanks to a gift card that I finally managed to use after having it for a few months. On top of all of that, free expedited shipping :-)
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